"Dr. Courtney is my go to person for all things health and wellness. She is truly passionate about what she does and who she serves, as well as, skillful in her work! You can’t help but feel cared for when you walk into Connection Health Center!!! Dr. Courtney is constantly learning too, which makes her an expert in her field. I see all walks of life (babies, pregnant mom’s, young professionals, etc.) coming and going. I know that my spine and nervous system is in good hands with Dr. Courtney!" ~Cara Gilligan

"All the stars for Connection Health Center! Not only is Dr. Brandenburg a great chiropractor, she has a wealth of knowledge on health and nutrition. I always leave feeling centered, refreshed and educated. If you are looking for a chiropractor, look no further!" ~Kaitlyn Kinney

"What's not to love about Dr. B? Her charismatic energy, thorough understanding of the body, and bedside manner all come together harmoniously to create a truly unique (and awesome) chiropractic experience. I always leave her office feeling refreshed." ~William Hardison

"Dr. Courtney is not only passionate about her chiropractic work, but also the lives of her patients. She truly strives to help improve quality of life for each of us, whether we came in initially as an athlete or someone who had mobility issues. I highly recommend an initial consultation; you'll be surprised at how much you learn!" ~ Ryan Faucher

"After seeing Dr. Courtney, I am doomed for any other chiropractic help. I trust her entirely, not just with my spine, but in all matters of health and guidance. She is positive, informative, incredibly wise when it comes to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and she is comfortable to work with. I have learned so much through listening to her and have seen dramatic results in many areas of my life." ~Candice Lorraine

"Dr. Courtney is absolutely fantastic! She is so passionate about her work and her patients! I’m so glad that made a visit - my body feels better after every visit! If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your body, give her a call! You won’t regret it!" ~Travis Greiner

"I started seeing Dr. Courtney about a year ago and ever since I started working with her my quality of life has improved tremendously. She has such a comprehensive database program to get you to where you want to be in life and then backs it up with data and results. I went from feeling tired and having pains that I became complacent with two feeling energetic motivated and pain-free. I’m a chef that’s on my feet for a minimum of 14 hours a day, six days a week. I am a very intense outdoors men, surfer, soccer player and all around active person. My Power is on. Thank you Dr. Courtney." ~Shaun Sells

"I began seeing Dr. Courtney last year to treat an extremely painful lower back injury, however, she quickly became an integral piece of my overall wellness routine. Not only did she treat my injury, but she has continued to be a such a positive source of meaningful information when it comes to my body and health. I see her for weekly adjustments, and she is always just a quick phone call away to answer a pressing health question or to schedule another appointment if something comes up that needs treatment. I can’t believe it took me so long to seek chiropractic care, but I am so thankful that I found Dr. Courtney // Connection Health Center." ~Kate Hendley

"Being a patient for Dr.Courtney has been so life changing and eye opening. I have dealt with many problems revolving my body and health and in just the couple months of being a patient my life has changed. Before seeing her, doing small daily activities like walking and walking up the stairs in my house hurt my legs tremendously. I have had leg problems for over 3 years and no one has been able to help me. I even had surgery. I am a runner and before seeing Dr. Courtney I couldn’t run but once every two weeks because of the pain it caused me. Since seeing her, my recovery period for running is around two days! And no pain. I can even run longer distances now. I haven’t experienced that in years. She has truly changed how I live my life. She is so full of important and useful information and truly wants you to live your best and healthiest life. Dr. Courtney also educates you along the way. She really gets to know her patients and makes sure they are comfortable and wants you to thrive in life.  She has a great heart and spirit to top it off. Among my leg issues my health as a whole has improved greatly and my body and mental health has never been better. I encourage you greatly to go see her and I highly recommend investing in her." ~Mia Collins

"I was visiting Charleston and was in a lot of pain. Dr. Courtney helped me so much. I was was virtual pain free with just two sessions and able to enjoy my vacation. You won’t be disappointed with this practice." Heather Wojtas

Being one of Dr. Courtney's patients has been very eye-opening for me. She has taught me so much about my spine and health. I have also never felt so comfortable with a doctor before - she really gets to know me and creates a welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in search of a chiropractor who wants to see you get better and make progress! She is amazing! ~Michelle Florello

"Connection Health Care center is my new favorite place in Charleston. Dr. Courtney Brandenburg has created a space with a holistic approach to spine health. Her adjustments are beyond amazing and her nutritional expertise is exceptional. Spine and nutritional health are central to overall health and wellness and Dr. Brandenburg is the perfect guide in that journey. So grateful to have found this place! Get  ready for your life to change for the better with the excellent care Dr. Brandenburg provides!!" ~Laura Laurie

"After following Dr. Brandenburg on social media for sometime, I decided to bite the bullet and schedule an appointment. WOW!  You can feel her energy as soon as you walk into her office. Her practice was professional, profound, and beyond educational. The ease I felt as a first time Chiropractic patient was powerful and exactly what I needed as a semi-skeptic. 

If you are in the Charleston area, or not, (I would drive hours to Dr. Brandenburg), you must check out Connection Health Center."

~Gillian Sisco

"Dr. Courtney Brandenburg is extremely passionate and knowledgeable chiropractor invested in creating a customized healing plan based on an individualized assessment for your unique needs and health goals.   The facility is beautiful, clean, and a great environment to promote relaxation and healing.  At my first appointment with Dr. Brandenburg I could instantly tell that she was extremely invested in helping me and listened intently to me as I described my issues and assessed my problems in order to develop an action plan that was specifically tailored to meet my needs.  

I've suffered from neck and back pain resulting from physical fitness activity and work related environment which involves being seated for long periods of time.  I've been a fitness enthusiast for the past several years and as I started to get older, I began to develop debilitating neck and back pain which is exacerbated by the fact that I am seated for 10-12 hours a day at my job.  I began having trouble performing regular daily tasks and needed a professional to assist.   

Essentially,  at our first visit, Dr Brandenburg performed a series of evaluations as well as nervous system scan to assess my situation.  She recommended a regiment of treatment sessions to work on my issues as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes that would be a complement to my treatment plan.  I really appreciated her philosophy and approach because it was more than just improving my pain, it was also focused on self improvement and promoting a well balanced healthy lifestyle for the greater good of my overall health.  

By the second visit, I have noticed a significant improvement in my pain.  I am seeing nothing but steady progress.  

Dr. Brandenburg does not just treat your pain, she will also educate you along the way.  She is approachable, open to questions, and addressing your fears and concerns about your chiropractic care.  Investing in the expertise of Connection Health Center was one of the best decisions I have made for my overall well being and health." ~Lana Greenland

"If you haven’t been to see Dr. Courtney Brandenburg yet, you are missing out! She is an incredible human who is so passionate about her work and helping others. She is knowledgeable, professional, kind, healing, and talented. I threw something different at her every visit, and she made sure to address it and help me feel my best. She even helped me after a major surgery and was incredibly adaptable when things had to be done slightly different. Do yourself a favor, and stop by Connection Health Center. You won’t regret it!" ~Laura Bostian

"Best place in Charleston to get your Nervous System back in action!  Dr. Courtney is dedicated to her practice and is awesome at providing her patients with the tools and guidance to live their fullest life." Alexander Bosco

"I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Courtney Brandenburg at Connection Health Center. Not only is she an excellent chiro, but she is a great resource for anything health and wellness related. As someone who was fairly new to chiropractic care, she made me feel so comfortable by taking the time to educate me on the adjustment process, the benefits, and everything in between. If you want a chiropractor who is invested and committed to your individual wellness journey, visit Dr. Brandenburg. You won’t be disappointed!" ~Kelly Roberts

"Dr. Courtney Brandenburg is absolutely amazing! She is so knowledgable and passionate about helping everyone. I was skeptical about chiropractic care until I met Dr. Brandenburg but she completely changed my viewpoint and has helped me so much. If you have a spine that needs some adjusting, she will help you. Anything from nutrition to spinal health, Dr. Brandenburg has GOT YOU. If I could give her 6 stars I would. Go visit her beautiful practice, Connection Health Center, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!" ~Danielle Garver

"Dr Courtney is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate Chiropractor. It’s obvious she truly loves helping people achieve their individual health goals. Her office is charming and inviting and feels like a true space of healing. I recommend everyone in the Charleston area go see her ASAP!" ~Kathryn Monaco

"Dr. Courtney is an amazing chiropractor who takes time to get to know her clients and makes each visit personal to your needs. She listens to your concerns, problem areas, and what your lifestyle is like so that she can treat your needs appropriately. I recently over did it at the gym the other day, and my shoulders and neck were killing me... I asked her if I could be squeezed into her schedule and she made time for me that very same day! I was able to get adjusted and got so much relief from her visit. She is a wonderful person and a wealth of knowledge!!" ~ Austin Cambell

"Dr. Brandenburg has been absolutely wonderful! Not only does she treat my scoliosis, but she also has extensive knowledge about holistic approaches to treating the person as a whole. I always look forward to our appointments! Highly recommend!" ~Caitlin O'Brien

"Dr. Courtney Brandenburg at Connection Health Center is not only a great chiro but an amazing resource for all your wellness needs. Being her patient has taught me what a integral part chiropractic medicine is to your overall health but aside from that she has also provided me with incredibly valuable nutritional and holistic health information. I would highly recommend paying her a visit!" ~Casey Bert

"Dr. Courtney is such a passionate and knowledgeable doctor! My first visit I learned so much and I was so happy to have come across her! It really shows how much she cares about her patients and I felt completely at peace with my health in her hands!" ~Kimberley Maugeri

"There is no one more passionate about helping people than Dr. Courtney. Her adjusting technique is exceptional. If you are an active lifestyle enthusiast in search of a chiropractor...Dr. Courtney is the one for you!" ~ Dr. Jeremey Brook

"Dr. Brandenburg is crazy smart and incredibly caring every time I visit her office.  Highly recommend!" ~Sarah Wilcox

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